Equine Wellness Program

eNrTT87PLUjMq9S3sNAvLcjJT0zRN0o1MjdLTTPRyypIB1wwqNUKTQ,,Our Equine Wellness Program is designed to provide the highest level of care to the horse, and a value owners can appreciate.

The program encompasses not only vaccinations to help prevent disease, but fecal and physical examinations as well. Fecal exams are now a necessary part of parasite management as resistance to our current anthelmintics (dewormers) is growing. Another critical part of a wellness program is an annual physical exam. This allows us the opportunity to get to know your horse(s), identify medical problems early, and discuss important topics such as nutrition.

Program Benefits:

  • 25 % off Emergency call fees
  • 25% off Fecal examinations
  • 10% off annual (or semi-annual if indicated) dentistries
  • 10% off annual sheath cleanings
  • 50% off physical wellness exams/Nutrition consults

Program Requirements:

  • Yearly coggins test
  • Yearly rabies vaccination
  • Yearly dentistry or as needed and recommended
  • Semi-annual vaccinations for West Nile Virus, Eastern and Western Equine Encephalitis, and Tetanus

There’s no penalty if you cannot continue the requirements, however, the discount will no longer apply.


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