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What our clients need to know

Effective 5 PM Monday, March 30, 2020 Governor Roy Cooper established an executive order instructing North Carolinians to shelter in place. In alignment with that order, veterinary medicine has been considered an essential service by both the State of North Carolina and the USDA, and Pineview will continue to offer ALL services deemed necessary for the prevention and treatment of disease. We are committed to providing for our community, and in order to keep our doctors and staff healthy and in-turn remain able to keep our community’s animals and owners healthy through this crisis, we ask that clients respect the following guidelines over the next foreseeable time. 

  1. For services that are cosmetic, not medically imperative or not constrained by time, we encourage clients to consider postponing these procedures and appointments. 

  2. If at all possible, we encourage clients to utilize our capability to diagnose and prescribe medications remotely. For non-emergent appointments, rechecks, assessments of disease or question of severity these types of appointments can be managed via video-consultation. Please call our office at (910) 655-2442 for more information about the requirements and costs associated with video consultation appointments.

  3. For appointments where our doctors must be present, please follow the following courtesies. 

    1. Disclose any symptoms of illness you have or are currently experiencing prior to the appointment, including but not limited to: fever, dry cough, back-ache, loss of taste/smell, flu-like symptoms or a positive diagnosis of coronavirus. This will not make you ineligible to be seen, however you must have a non-symptomatic friend/family member meet with us and it will help our doctors and staff to better prepare with personal protective equipment.

    2. Stand six (6) feet away from each other at all times possible throughout your appointment.

    3. Do not shake hands.

    4. Utilize credit-card payments whenever possible and remain contactless throughout the appointment and payment. 

    5. Effort should be made to have only one (1) person interacting with our doctors per appointment. This is to reduce the contact between multiple people which is a major contributing factor to the spread of the COVID-19 disease. Bystanders are strongly encouraged to keep as far away from the interaction as possible, as we will be interacting with many people throughout the day and it is just as important to keep yourself safe from our potential exposure.

    6. If you are of age 60 or older, you are considered to be in the ‘high risk’ group and are encouraged to find someone else to meet and interact with our doctors for appointments. 

By verbally agreeing to be seen for an appointment having been disclosed this information, you fully understand the risk to your health by having your animals seen by our doctors and waive your right to hold PVH and its doctors and staff liable for any damages incurred due to illness that may be contracted as a result of social interaction.

This is a trying time for everyone and our team at Pineview is dedicated to providing the same quality veterinary care to our patients and community as we always have. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for any policy changes that may occur over the next month. Prayers as well wishes for all of our clients and your families.

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